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Dec 17, 2004



"A deviation from a direct course..." is the dictionary definition of a detour. Titan's alternate route - filled with 10 men in five long scenes - is over two hours long and has little to do with the road less traveled. Titan Exclusive Dred Scott detours into a side alley, when he figures out tattooed tough guy Eddie Moreno is following him. Scott, whose only film last year was Seamen: Fallen Angel IV , has been a virtual fuck pig for Titan this year. Scott looks especially rough trade here, his usually baldhead is covered in a dark scruff, with reddish goatee and scraggly face rounding out the look. Moreno and Scott scuffle in the alley, and top dog Scott marks his territory and shows him who's the boss. Scott does not detour from his "tough fucker" routine, and Moreno proves a worthy match to Scott, matching him blow for blow and load for load. Creg and Mills pack a bunch into each scene, so after Scott and Moreno pop their joy juice the first time, Scott continues thrashing Moreno and it ends up being another spit-lube, ball-twisting, ass-licking, hole-spanking fuck. When Gordon Gage heads to Hot Cookie on Castro Street for a snack break from a home improvement project, he ends up chewing on the buttons of Cookie man Jon Michael Stuart's 501s. Both Gage and Stuart are redheads with buzzed hair and thick meat. Gage juggles Stuart's happy sack with his expert tongue. Lots of spitting and spanking and Stuart puts his cream filling all over Gage's stubbled face. Gage blows his own cookie dough onto his cock and laps it up. Stuart flips Gage over onto the counter and is fingering Gage's pink pucker hole through thick ass carpet,before you can say Macadamia Nut Clusters. A slamming fuck in the back room erupts in sprinkles of goodness and the cookies never tasted better. Logan Reed has that sexy, everyman quality, tempered by a slight growth of beard. He's trim but not vascular, like the former high school jocks you see trolling the Home Depot in sweat pants and baseball hats on Saturday morning. Reed and Reed Parker veer off from their run to make some old memories in their former apartment. Reed, wearing a black jockstrap, feeds Parker his trouser mauser and then works his way to a feverish wad after gobbling Parker's meatstick. Parker adds to the mix, and then he and Reed do some heavy petting and kissing while Reed fills Parker's vacancy with a hefty bone. The camera is behind Reed as he pokes Parker and Parker blows his load. Hot stuff! Reed pops his nut all over Parker's back. Gage returns from the cookie store to find boyfriend Brett Clark at work in the shower. Clark and Gage do some tongue wrestling, and it's not long before Gage is licking at the plentiful fur on Clark's chest. Gage flirts for a bit, his clear blue eyes focused on Clark as he caresses his own chest and crotch through his soaked jeans. Clark pulls down his pants to reveal a stellar uncut cock, which echoes as he slaps it. Gage breaks into a sweat as he gags it down in face-fuck position and then tea bagged from above as Clark blows a juicy wad onto his face and neck. Gage's hole looks so small as Clark fingers its hairy inner depths, prying it loose for his thick flesh pencil. Clark has a beefy and hairy ass that pulses as he slams into Gage for a hot doggie-style fuck. A "legs to ears" posture, provides some super insertions shots, and a sweaty Gage blows gobs. Clark's wad soon follows. Rick Hammersmith surprises boyfriend Alberto Dias with a couple packages on his birthday. One, a box with dildos and lube, and the other belongs to deliveryman Cliff Mitchell. It might be smooth Latin Dias' day, but soon, all the men are in their birthday suits as Dias slurps on the sizeable boners of both men. Hammersmith has high-beam nipples that beg to be tweaked and licked. Mitchell has a nut sack that looks like grapefruits in a nylon bag. Hammersmith blows as he bottoms for Mitchell. Dias creams on Hammersmith's shoulder. Top dog Mitchell finally pops with one of Dias' birthday dilrods plugging his hole. Hammersmith finishes with a dramatic cum shot as he rides a big black latex rod.

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