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Fake Agent Presents - Denisa

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Fake Agent

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Jun 4, 2012



55:14 minute(s)




It is said that all good things come to he who waits and I am now a firm believer in this philosophy. You must remember Denisa from 6 months ago, the freckle faced red head with a smoking hot body? Despite my best efforts she would not let me lay Jimmy Junior to rest in her beautiful looking pussy, so I had to settle for a hand job instead. Don't get me wrong, it was still nice to feel her firm talented hands around my shaft, but the prospect of that amazing looking pussy being so near but yet so far, almost gave me lust fever. I chalked it up to 'one that got away', until I had a phone call of her recently. It seems that work had dried up for her as she had been too many times to the states to work and had visa problems. So she had come to me once more looking for work. Denisa was single now and had done some work with some professional cock smiths so she said she was ready to accept my system. Was she ever! Watching her red curls cascade past my nuts as she took me deep into her throat was one of the most delightful scenes I've witnessed in a long time. The inside of her mouth felt like a wet silk glove and it sucked me deep and hard into a whirlpool of spit. Then we fucked in all different positions and her pussy was just as I thought it would be, clenching Jimmy Junior and almost refusing to let go. Her cream skin turned red as we fucked and I loved watching her arse slapping up and down as she rode me on top. I ended up busting a nut inside her, then pulling and coating the remaining population pudding on the backs of her thighs. A beautiful girl with the sexual skills of a cock predator. Her moans of delight will stay with me for many nights as I remember this fuck. I am so glad she returned and I got to sample her skin. She has real potential, but you know the story by know, not with me...

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