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Isabelle Dean

Isabelle Dean



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Mar 25, 2010

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Isabelle Dean

In her first-ever female orgasm shoot, we are pleased to present sexy, natural, twenty-one yard old Isabelle Dean. Isabelle is tattooed, pierced and her pussy is hairy! Isabelle likes to let us know when she's about to cum. Her labia are on the large side and her pussy gets pretty wet as she becomes more and more aroused. This is a mostly full body view shoot, except for one close-up, double-orgasm, hands-on scene. Isabelle is seated on the bed, slowly undressing when we first meet her. She takes off her sweater and shirt, and then slowly strips off her black jeans, socks, bra and panties. Isabella has small, natural breasts and two tattoos - one on either hip. Her pussy is hairy! Not busy, but with a nice, full amount of hair. Isabelle turns on a long purple vibe and starts working the toy on her clit. As Isabelle continues working with the vibe, she begins to open her mouth - which is when I noticed her tongue piercing and he lip piercing. Her navel is pierced also. This scene is filmed from an *almost* aerial view and full body framing - we get to see Isabelle arching her back, closing her eyes and reacting completely to the nice pleasurable power of the little vibe on her clit. The camera pans in just a bit closer, but still keeps Isabelle's full body in frame. She is beginning to pant as she plays with the vibe. Isabelle starts to really ride the vibe, then pulls her head up and off the pillows, let's out a little whimper "ah" sound just as she cums. Her contractions are strong and nicely visible down around her anus. Isabelle smiles - quite satisfied - after riding that one all the way to the end. She turns off the toy then giggles slightly. We get a nice view of her hairy, rather lippy, pussy. The camera moves in for close-up of her face and breast, then down to her cooch for a close-up. When Isabelle spreads her lips with her hand, that pussy is wet, wet, wet! Wearing a pale yellow bra and panty set, and her eyeglasses, Isabelle is lounging on the bed reading a dirty magazine. (I know some people really like the librarian look). She's excited - as the big wet spot on her panties indicates! Isabelle reaches her hand down to her pussy to gently rub and play with herself as she flips the pages of the magazine. After a few moments, Isabelle removes the panties, continuing to touch herself. Isabelle reaches for her trusty purple vibe once more. Isabelle pulls her legs up, bending them at the knee, as she works the vibe all over her clit. As Isabelle continues wanking with the toy, she begins to pant and moan - just a little bit. I think the feet fans will like this scene as Isabelle's toe curling is visible throughout this one! Isabelle continues pressing the purple vibe strongly into her clit, and then she lets out a gasp and a few moans as the orgasm washes over her. Her contractions are visible a bit lower on her pussy - and around her anus. She says, "That felt so good." And she smiles. She spreads her pussy lips and the camera man asks her if she enjoyed that one. Isabelle giggles and says, "Yes, definitely. Very sensitive." Wearing a bright blue and black satin nightie, Isabelle introduces herself and her very one magic wand! Isabelle loves to wank - and she already has a wand of her own! Her nightie is pulled up around her waist so her cooch is hanging out as she turns the toy on low power. It's not long at all before the magic wand has Isabelle writhing, panting and moaning - it is a powerful machine. Isabelle lifts her bum off the bed, spreads her legs wide apart and has a really nice, really long, really strong orgasm! She quickly turns off the toy and giggles. Isabelle places her hand on her pussy, and then spreads her pussy lips. She takes a moment or two to catch her breath, smiling and satisfied. With her eyeglasses on once more, this time wearing a red and black satin nightie, Isabelle is propped on pillows enjoying her favorite purple vibe. Once more, this is a full body framed scene, and Isabelle's legs are lifted off the bed and bent at the knees pulling towards her chest. Isabelle begins to moan and pant slightly as she keeps the little vibe buzzing on her clit. With the toy now working in tight circles around her pussy, Isabelle says, "I'm gonna cum so hard." Just a few moments later, her mouth is opened, her feet are flexed, her toes are pointed upward and her pussy is contracting! She turns off the vibe, touching and playing with her pussy. The camera moves in for a close-up of her very wet pussy. Isabelle is wearing black panties and an orange top in this close-up hands-on scene. She is ready for her first-ever hands-on experience. He touches her pussy through her panties, and then pulls her t-shirt down a bit to expose her nice, natural, and "very soft" nipples. He goes back to massaging her clit with his hand, and then turns on a black baton vibe. She kinda reacts a bit to the power of the vibe and he notes, "Isabelle gets very, very sensitive after she's cum." He asks Isabelle to take off her panties proudly showing off the wet spot in her panties. He is also impressed with her hairy pussy saying, "Oh, wow. Hairy. I love hairy girls." He finger massages her clit for a few minutes and Isabelle's hips begin to rise and fall just a little bit. He turns the black baton vibe on once more and begins to work the toy in small circles on her clit. He pulls spreads her pussy lips with one hand asking her, "You're going to let me know when you're going to cum, aren't you?" Isabelle can barely utter, "Yeah." He continues working the toy on her clit and Isabelle continues to gasp and moan quietly. She says, "Oh. I'm gonna cum." She lifts her bum off the bed, clenching her bottom together and we can just see a few of her contractions - because her cheeks are clenched so tightly. After her orgasm, she settles back down on the bed and he spreads her wet lips apart to finger her pussy. He rubs some of her natural juices all over her clitoris and her now prominently swollen clitoris and labia. He asks her if she wants to try another one. Isabelle says, "Maybe. I'm very sensitive." He turns the toy on low power to use on her clit, and then places a finger on her anus. After a bit, he increases the toy power just a bit and continues to move the toy in circles over Isabelle's clitoris. Her prominent lips are moving and "flapping". Isabelle lets out several moans, lifting her bottom sup off the bed once more, cumming again. I can spot just a few contractions, and they are difficult to see, because she is clenching her bottom so much, but there is no doubt that she is cumming. He inserts the toy into her wet vagina and massages her clit with his finger. He slowly removes the toy from her pussy allowing her to relax.

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