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Jess West & Lola Lyx

Jess West & Lola Lyx



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Apr 21, 2010

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55:20 minute(s)



Jess West, Lola Lyx

I don't think we've seen two more gorgeous brunettes - especially not cumming together! These twenty one year old babes spent the day having lots of fun both together and solo and letting the cameraman get them off. The girls are removing their bras and panties in the bedroom. Lola and Jess fondle each other's breasts and admire one another. They take each other's bras off and Lola kisses Jess's breasts first. Then Jess leans over to suck on Lola's nipples. Jess turns around doggie-style and Lola gives her bottom a little spank. The girls giggle. Jess lies on the bed to remove her panties. Lola reaches a hand onto Jess's pussy, then grabs a little silver bullet vibe. Lola gets the toy buzzing on Jess's clit in small little circles. And we all know how little stimulation it takes for Jess to cum! It's not long at all before Jess is giving her signature throaty pant and her pussy is rhythmically contracting for her first nice and perfectly visible orgasm. The cameraman captures this one in full body view. But, Lola isn't about to let the fun end! She continues working the toy on Jess's now sensitive clit. I think Jess cums again, but I can't be sure from that camera perspective. Either way, Jess stops Lola from continuing saying, "I think it's my turn for a little bit!" Lola quickly takes off her panties and lies on her back. Jess kneels on Lola's right-side ready to play with her friend and the toy. Lola increases the power of the vibe a bit as Jess plays with the toy on Lola's clit. It's not long at all before Lola is panting, with her hips writhing up and down. Lola gets completely shaky, raspy-voiced and sensitive. Sadly, I'm not convinced that Lola ever actually manages to really cum, but after a few minutes, Lola is begging for a break and ready to get Jess off once again. This time, Lola starts the toy off at a slower power, but then ups the intensity "teasing" Jess. The camera moves in for a bit of closer perspective as Lola continues to use the little vibe to get Jess close to another orgasm. And suddenly, Jess's pussy is rhythmically contracting in orgasm again! It's a very nice, very visible orgasm. Jess just can't help but cum. Lola lies back on the bed for another turn. The girls start the toy on a lower power, but then quickly increase the toy to full power. Jess moves the little toy all across her clitoris with Lola leaving a trail of expletives as she goes. Her hips are bobbing up and down and she is writhing all over the bed. Lola sits up, falls back on the bed, clasps her breasts, and says she "can't take anymore". Lola says, "that was amazing", but I didn't see an orgasm. The camera moves in for a close-up of Lola's completely shaved pussy. The girls are back - back in black - and white! Lola is wearing a black and white polka-dotted bra and Jess is wearing a tuxedo style bra and panty set. Lola's panties are quickly removed and the girls decide to use the lipstick vibe this time. Jess is pressing the toy into Lola's clit. The lipstick vibe doesn't quite pack enough punch, so they switch toys the black baton style vibe. Jess rapidly jiggles the toy up and down on Lola's clit and pussy, and then increases the power of the toy. Lola wiggles around a bit more on the bed, noting that "My toes are curling" as her friend continues with the toy. Jess reaches a hand down to her friend's pussy to try to keep her in place a bit. Lola says her clit is too sensitive and she can't take anymore, so the girls switch position, giving Jess a turn with the lipstick vibe. Jess notes that she is "right already" to cum. Jess decides the lipstick vibe isn't powerful enough, so the girls switch over to the baton vibe for Jess, too. Lola is perched directly between Jess's legs "watching" all the action as she works the baton vibe up and down and all over Jess's pussy. Jess begins to moan and say her classic, "Ah. Ah. Ah" and then she cums! With lots of perfect visible contractions. Jess says she is now officially "done for the day". The camera moves in for a close-up view of their pussies but the action is nowhere near done! The girls are back in the bedroom wearing satin bra and panty sets. Jess's set is blue and Lola's is a greenish color. The girls remove their bras, then first Lola's panties. Jess wants to play with Lola with the magic wand. Lola lies back completely naked on the bed as Jess works the toy on her clit on just low power noting to Lola, "You can't cum, yet." After a few moments, Jess reaches for a dildo to work on Lola's pussy, too. So, with the wand on her clit and the purple dildo going in and out of her pussy, Lola is getting lots of toy attention. Jess kicks the wand up to high power and Lola is panting heavily. Her hips rise and fall and Lola pulls the dildo out of her pussy to stop for a minute. Jess continues with the wand, but I think it's too much for Lola. Lola asks her to turn off the wand and take over with only the dildo. Jess quickly works the purple dildo toy in and out of her friend's pussy and Lola likes this action. Her muscles are tense as she curls her head off the pillows and grasps her own breasts. After some frantic toy play Lola asks Jess to "slow down" but the pace rapidly increases despite trying to change it. Lola asks for Jess to stop for a bit, so Jess obliges - and also reaches for the magic wand. The wand goes back on Lola's pussy at high speed. I didn't see any orgasmic contractions, but nevertheless Lola abruptly announces to Jess, "I think it's your turn now." The girls switch positions with Jess finally removing her panties and making herself comfortable on the bed. Lola reaches for the black baton vibe. Jess bends at her knees, pulling them up, as Lola works the vibe on her clit. Lola asks Jess if she can handle a little bit more to which Jess replies, "Yeah, a little bit more." It is literally less than one minute until Jess is cumming! Her contractions are pulling and tugging and oh! So obvious! With Jess's feet and legs totally quivering, Lola continues to work the baton on Jess' pussy. Jess pants as she lets out a long moan and cums again! It's a really nice, really long and really strong orgasm! Even Jess notes, "I cum quite hard then." But, Jess wants Lola to have one more go at it. Lola gets into a bottoms-up position as Jess gets situated beside her. Jess turns on the baton vibe and works it on Lola's clit. Lola even notes, "I can't wiggle around!" After a minute or two, the girls allow Lola to have a go with the magic wand, but they begin on low power. Lola is completely quivering. Jess turns the wand up to full power and Lola legs are shaking immensely. With her head buried in the pillow and an almost aerial perspective, the girls continue with the toy. Once more, Lola reaches her limit and is ready for Jess to have another turn. Jess gets into a doggy style position and Lola spreads her lips and puts the toy on her pussy. Jess isn't sure if she can handle the wand, but she gives it a try. Jess has to roll over onto her back and then lets Lola know, "You can carry on" - she just couldn't handle it all doggy style. Lola kicks up the power to full and Jess can barely stand it. They switch the power back to low on the toy and Jess's hands are reaching up for the headboard. Lola finds her sweet spot, and then kicks the toy up to high power. Jess switches into her orgasm sounds just as her pussy contractions begin again! Even with all the movement from the wand, Jess's contractions are still perfectly visible and obvious! The camera moves in for a close up of Lola's rather wet pussy. The next scene is a hands on scene with the videographer. Jess is leaning back on Lola who is leaning back on the head board. The cameraman begins with the baton vibe on Jess' pussy through her panties. He suggests she remove her panties knowing that she doesn't mind cumming quickly. He increases the power on the toy to full strength, and then spreads her lips wide apart. Lola holds Jess's legs from behind the calf to keep them in the air. Jess' intonation changes to her orgasm sounds and she cums again with perineum popping contractions! The cameraman refuses to stop and this is just a little orgasm compared to the next one she has next. He feels Jess' "very, very turgid" clitoris before putting the toy back on her pussy. He slows the pace down a little bit, but Jess looks directly into the camera as her eyes roll back into her head and she cums again. Another huge and popping orgasm!

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