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Load After Load

Load After Load

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May 20, 2005



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1:55 hour(s)


The first scene is an introduction and hello while I'm sitting by my computer desk, naked from the waist down, at my old home in the mountains. I explain what I want to give you, then I deliver my first load of cum. It follows with more hot scenes from different experimental camera angles - laid out fully naked on the floor with the view from over my head so you can see the cum shoot up my belly; a "morning wood" scene where I had set the camera up before going to bed and then jerked off first thing the next morning with my first hard-on of the day; fully dressed with just my dick out; and my first use of my wide angle lense at my buddy's house in front of his gay soul altar full of phallic crystals and sexual icons. Here, there, and everywhere - I'm jerking off thick loads of cum. For one scene, the camera is low on the floor - the angle makes it look like I'm shooting in your face, and I even tell you to "Open your mouth" when I'm about to shoot. Another scene was from a few years earlier, in the young days of the web and before I started sharing my home porno. Very sexy if I do say so myself, especially if you dig hairy guys. More scenes include a hot jerk off scene while editing a porn video with my old boyfriend that includes a great story about a recent fuck with a local buddy. You'll enjoy the tale as much as the load! There's an outdoor j/o in my garden under a beautiful canopy of bougainevillea where I used two cameras; one full body shot from the front and the other a close-up cockshot from the side so you can watch me shoot for distance. Another fun scene shows me jerking off at home while copying one of my hottest porn videos. I offer up my butthole alot in this one as you see me taking a big dick in the background on the tv. As my load cums up, I slide towards the camera and it gives the look that I'm shooting right in your face! There are a couple of dildo scenes that I made especially for you dildo fans! In my newly repainted bedroom on my nifty homemade comforter, I grease up my ass and plow myself with a good-sized dildo very similar to my own fatheaded cock. You get some very hot and nasty closeup shots of my open hole taking the whole length of that latex cock. But even nastier is my wild banana dildo scene that I did out at a creek bed near historic Route 66 (yeah, get your kicks!). When I was a teenager, I'd use a carrot or banana to fuck myself and get off, but this scene is much nastier. Not only do I vanish a huge banana up my butt like some kind of pornographic magician, but after I shoot my load on my belly, you'll watch me peel that banana WHILE IT IS STILL IN MY BUTT, mop up some cream with the fruit and have myself a sex snack. It's raunchy fun with natural food! The final few scenes are from my first solo video, which was originally four long scenes that I've edited down to include here. Each scene is very different - the first is playful showoff stuff in a leather jacket, red high tops and shredded jeans. I strut and strip and spank my bare ass with my own shoes before yanking my crank for a load. Then there is my bearded mountain man scene out in the woods behind my old home near Lake Arrowhead. Guys love to see outdoor sex, and I strip and show off and jerk out a thick glob of cum. Next is a fun bubble bath scene, playing in the tub with some bath toys and cumming in the water. I show you the thick ropes of cum floating around before getting out and showing off as I towel dry. The last takes place in my old bedroom during repainting. Starting off in a pair of boxers, spread out like a hot lunch, I tease you with my dick and butthole, making you want more and more, until delivering a hot cumshot. Great stuff! Before it's over, I included a slow motion cumshot montage of most of the scenes so you can really see my heavy loads shoot and spray. It's a collage of cum that you'll watch over and over! These final scenes are simply nude scenes, camera experiments for capturing pictures. One scene in the woods where I took my first naked pics for sharing on the web, and a fun scene where I chop some firewood wearing nothing but boots and a cock ring (it's very difficult to keep a hardon while you swing an axe over your head, but I keep it up for a few whacks!) Nearly two full hours of hot naked solo scenes that will inspire you to cum a dozen times yourself!

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