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Memento Reloaded

Memento Reloaded

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Viv Thomas

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Apr 13, 2017

Running time

1:38 hour(s)


A reimagining of Alis Locanta's classic SexArt series juxtaposing evocative black and white with vivid color, Memento Reloaded is a passionate portrait of an intimate relationship. Leila Smith and her girlfriend Kira Zen are chatting, laughing and eating pasta, but Kira has an appetite for something far tastier. The sweetly domestic scene becomes heated as Kira straddles Leila for a kiss and they move to the bedroom. Kira tugs off Leila's panties and sucks on her labia, making the ravishing redhead gasp and encourage Kira to do it harder. Kira introduces two fingers into the mix; racing towards boiling point, Leila pushes Kira's face into her sopping wet pussy and holds her there until she climaxes, convulsively. Pausing only to engage in some voracious kissing, Leila strips Kira, pulls her up on all fours and laps at her pussy from behind, driving her headlong into orgasm. But this is just for starters, because their entre sees Kira spoon Leila and rub against her ass, before reaching around to finger-slam her slick pink pussy. Leila comes again, even harder. She goes down on Kira, who's propped up on pillows tugging her own nipples, and simultaneously frigs and licks her to an orgasm thats even more intense than her first. The lovers move into scissors and grind to a mutual climax that leaves them trembling although as the tender coda suggest, they are still just as hungry for one another. The second episode of Alis Locanta's Memento: Reloaded gets off to a highly evocative start with blonde babe Cristal Caitlin and her hot girlfriend Eveline Dellai bringing each other off in the shower. Cut to them on a sofa, where their interaction continues as Cristal thrusts a hand inside Eveline's jeans to rub her pussy frantically, until the panting brunette closes her eyes, throws back her head and comes. Pausing only to lock lips for a moment, Cristal stands and starts wriggling her hips teasingly as she removes her dress. When she lies on the sofa, Eveline slides between her open legs, tugs Cristals thong aside and goes down on her shaven pussy. Cristal gasps and holds Evelines head clamped onto her cooze; Eveline responds by sliding two fingers alongside her lapping tongue, working both super hard until Cristal experiences a breathtaking orgasm. Eveline tears off her clothes and, after they've kissed voraciously, Cristal flops onto her back so her lover can straddle her head. Grabbing Eveline's thighs, Cristal drives her tongue hard and deep inside her juice-dripping slit, lapping loudly at her pink, swollen clit. When Cristal slides out so that Eveline can sit astride one of her legs, she starts double finger banging her from behind, right through to a screaming climax. They embrace briefly before they both play with Cristal's soaked snatch, with Eveline concentrating on the clit. Cristal starts shaking uncontrollably and comes so hard it leaves her gasping for air. The coda brings us back full circle to the start of the encounter Sexy Spanish sweetheart Carolina Abril takes an elevator up to an apartment, but the person she was hoping to see isn't home. The expression on her gorgeous face is a mix of arousal and frustration, but by the time she's taken the elevator back down to ground level the raven-haired babe has thrust a hand inside her jeans and is playing with her pussy. Eyes closed and ruby lips parted, she sighs deeply and soon reaches orgasm. As she leaves the elevator, the story rewinds to Carolina taking photographs of her redheaded Ukrainian girlfriend, Arian, in her underwear. Carolina is so turned on by the sight that she has no option but to quit taking pictures and act on her emotions. She drops down in front of Arian, slips off her panties and kisses her puffy-lipped, shaven pussy voraciously. Eyes closed, Arian pants her approval, even louder when Carolina spins her around and licks between her peachy ass cheeks. Moments after Carolina has resumed eating her pussy, she has an explosive climax. Carolina strips to reveal her stunning body with beautiful small breasts. She lies back on the bed and Arian sucks her nipples, then trails her tongue down towards Carolinas shaven pussy and simultaneously licks and finger-bangs her to orgasm. Carolina slips into a strap-on harness, which Arian fellates enthusiastically. She lies back, going wild as Carolina pumps into her hard and fast. Their humping bodies become a blur of intertwined limbs until Arian comes and collapses breathless and drained. Once she's recovered, she strap-on screws Carolina to another screaming orgasm. The postlude rewinds again to a tender moment between the passionate couple. Spanish cutie Penelope Cum and Ukrainian beauty Aria Logan simply sizzle together in episode four of Memento: Reloaded. It opens with sexy brunette Penelope kissing Aria passionately in bed; but their ardour is dampened when Penelope abruptly decides she must go, leaving Aria alone with her desire. The pretty blonde turns to her vibrator, teasing an orgasm out of her shaven pussy as it buzzes over her clit and pussy lips. Arias thoughts turn to a hot recollection: she has her lover on the bed, pulling Penelope's ski pants and underwear down around her ankles, spreading her knees and using her sex toy on Penelope's naked pussy. Penelope's loud moans let Aria know its more intensity than she can handle, her hands swiping the relentless vibrator aside. But Aria doesn't let her catch her breath for long, grinding the toy against Penelope's slit and thrusting her tongue into her mouth, giving her orgasm out hard and fast. The lovers undress each other, and Aria lies back and guides Penelope's face down to her wet pussy. Penelope greedily laps at the pink folds, sucking her plump pussy lips into her mouth and spreading them with her tongue. She pushes two fingers up inside Aria, grinding her thumb against her clit as she frigs her. They masturbate for each other for a moment before Penelope fingers Aria again and grinds her own pussy on Arias thigh. Aria eats Penelope's wet pussy voraciously, sending her over the edge once again. As we flash back to Penelope's mundane day job, we see the girls meet for the first time and a new aspect of their relationship comes to light that explains Penelope's hasty departure.

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