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Piper Holland - Home Alone 2

Piper Holland - Home Alone 2



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Aug 14, 2017


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1:01 hour(s)


Piper Holland

When Piper Holland finds herself alone at home, this super horny voluptuous MILF just wants to masturbate! And it turns her on to film herself as she uses her fingers, vibrators and even her toothbrush to bring her wet pussy to big satisfying orgasms with strong contractions! Piper Holland really doesn't waste any time when she finds herself alone at home! She has already setup the camera and taken her pants off when the scene opens, her legs are akimbo, and she is firmly rubbing her clit with her fingers. She hasn't shaved her pussy in a while and is nicely furry ... and wet! Her pussy lips are nice and prominent too - we like large-ish labia ... and when she retracts her clit hood, she has quite the little hard button there too! Piper keeps masturbating with just her fingers, rubbing her clitoris around and around, tensing and straightening her legs, then pulling the back and apart, speeding up her rubbing, slowing it down, and just generally enjoying herself. She suddenly lets out a little pant and we know she is close ... then she spreads her legs, slows down her rubbing as her pussy starts pulsing and contracting as she cums. Piper gently plays with her engorged post orgasm pussy, showing us just how swollen and wet she is. This time Piper is armed with her purple egg headed vibrator and she is once again naked from the waist down with her legs apart. Her pussy has recently been shaved and there is a nice little string of her grool attaching her pussy lip to the bed when she gets started :-). She has the vibe cranked and firmly against her clit instantly, jiggling it up and down for extra effects. Piper dips the end into her vagina again for some lubrication, then slides it back up to her clit and rubs it firmly up and down. She straightens her legs and tenses them as she masturbates, then pulls them back and apart as her contractions set in. A quick pussy play and she is done. Piper is completely naked and laying on a red blanket. She is obviously really horny as her pussy is sopping wet already! She smears her juices around her large labia and clit - her pussy is getting rather furry again. Piper draws out some of her slippery goodness and rubs it on her nipple, then resumes masturbating with her fingers. She really wanted a little more than just her fingers and had her electric toothbrush handy, almost as if she planned it :-O ... Piper turns on the make-shift vibrator and puts the brush bristles on her clit as she begins masturbating with it. After buzzing herself for a bit, she switches the buzzy brush off and starts to slap her pussy and her clit ... quite hard! Then she rubs for a bit, then slaps it again. All this action keeps her juices flowing - she really seems to be enjoying herself! Piper rubs her clit with her fingers, and then switches back to her toothbrush. She is extremely aroused and lets out a little pant and soft moan ... tenses up her legs and jams the brush against her clitoris ... another pant ... she's almost there. Piper pulls her legs apart and with a few soft "Ah's", she pushes up her chest as she goes over the edge. It's a fantastic orgasm too with lots of big contractions and her pussy is very wet! Wow. Piper is propped up and completely naked, pulling back on her clitoral hood as she masturbates with a little pink vibrator. Her natural breasts and pierced nipples are clearly visible as she rubs the quiet little buzzer up and down her clit. She clearly has shaved very recently as her pussy is very smooth. This time Piper wants more than just clit stimulation, so she fires up her dildo vibe, slides it into her wet pussy, and starts fucking herself with it. It makes quite the squishy sounds as her breasts jiggle in unison, her juices turning very creamy. Piper keeps the little pink vibe on her clit as she jams the blue penis vibe in and out of her pussy. As she gets close to cumming, she takes the dildo out, lies back and focuses on her clit stimulation as a nice bead of creamy juice collects at the base of her vagina. She sits up and starts rubbing the vibe furiously over her clit which makes her start panting ... then suddenly "I'm going to cum ... oh yeah ... oh yeah ... oh ..." and her pussy starts clasping and pulsing with her orgasm! Nicely done! Armed with her purple egg headed vibe (which I now know is a G-gasm G-spot vibrator!), Piper is sitting on the floor of her bathroom just wanting to buzz out a quickie while she has the alone time. She pulls up on her pubic mound and firmly plants the vibrator on her button clit. She dips it deep into her vagina for some moisture which she draws out onto her clit ... she buzzes her clit for a bit, then repeats the process. Her juicy pussy is beginning to make those yummy squishy sounds again as she fucks herself with the toy! Piper really enjoys taking her time when she masturbates - she keeps the clit stim, pussy stim routine for quite some time, parting her vulva nicely every time she slips the toy down towards her vagina. When she is ready to reap the effects of her stimulation, Piper tenses her legs for a few seconds, and then pulls them back as her pussy beings to throb and contract with her orgasm! Her entire body trembles and her breath catches as she goes over the edge too! This time Piper is NOT already naked when she gets going! She pulls her leggings and panties off in one go though, and then hikes her top to expose her natural breasts as she starts masturbating with her fingers. Her pussy is nice and furry again! With her breasts exposed, we can clearly she just how firmly she cups and squeezes them as she rubs her clit - no messing around there! Piper slips two fingers into her vagina for some moisture, then resumes rubbing her clit as her other hand selects her other breast to squeeze ... the she slides three fingers into her pussy for juice which she first rubs on her clit, then on her nipple! Very sexy. Piper reaches down with her "breast hand" to pull up on her pubic mound and clit hood and her rubbing gets more focused on the tip of her clit ... her breath catch as a few times and her breasts jiggle with the rubbing rhythm ... and Piper goes over the edge, cumming with a nice series of contractions. She totally milks this orgasm, gently rubbing her clit until she is completely satisfied. Piper is still hairy! And this time the camera is placed directly between her legs as she masturbates her wet pussy with her g-spot vibe, buzzing her clit and slipping it between the folds of her labia and into her vagina. After fucking herself with the toy, her juices get quite creamy and pool at the base of her vagina as she stimulates her clit with the vibrator. Piper has a visible bruise on her butt cheek - it turns out that she had gone for quite the bike ride and the firm seat took a toll on her butt! She keeps masturbating with her g-spot vibe and her creamy juices start to accumulate on just behind the egg head. She smears her juices over her vulva, and then goes back to buzzing her clit. This is clearly something she likes as after a bit more clit stimming, she goes back to slipping the toy up and down her vulva, then in and out of her vagina, building more and more pussy cream in the process. But when she gets serious about cumming, Piper tenses and straightens her legs and focuses the stimulation on her clitoris to take her arousal to the next level. She keeps on masturbating with her cream covered vibrator until she has a very quiet orgasm with lots of pussy cream cover contractions! Piper is done. She lays there with her pussy still contracting. Then she slips her fingers up her vulva and pulls out lots of stringy grool. Piper is completely naked on her bed again, propped up against her pillows as she spreads her pussy lips for us. She is still unshaved and quite wet as she starts to rub her clit with her fingers. She doesn't have much time and really just wants to cum, so she just keeps rubbing with very little play ... all of a sudden she says "Oh, yeah ... oh, yeah ... fuck ..." and she cums! That was indeed a quick orgasm, with lots of nice contractions again. Piper gently rubs and presses her post orgasm clit, squeezing out a few extra contractions!

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