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Oct 6, 2010

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44:45 minute(s)



Rebecca Jessop

Rebecca is extremely buxom! Those puppies are just huge! I noticed that she's an attractive, long-haired brunette, mature-ish sort of MILF-ish woman, once I am able to focus on something other than the mountains residing on her chest! Rebecca is kneeling on the bed removing a red shirt. Did I mention her breasts are enormous? Wow! She removes her red bra and wow! She plays with those balloons - licking her nipples. Then she pulls down her panties and shows the camera her backside. Now naked and sitting on the bed, Rebecca licks her fingers and touches her pussy. She reaches over to the bedside stand and gets her toy ready ... a smoothie vibe sort of thing. Rebecca puts the toy on her clit and within just a few minutes her hips begin rising and falling rhythmically as she massages her breast. After a few minutes of enjoyment with the toy, Rebecca begins to moan and her neck and face flush red as she came. Her pussy is completely shaved with tight little lips. Rebecca is wearing a low-cut sweater and a little skirt. She hikes her skirt, turns around and shows off a pair of lacey panties. She pulls the panties to the floor and bends over to give the camera an excellent view of her pussy and slit. She finger rubs herself, and then spreads her butt cheeks. Rebecca turns around to face the camera frontally. She pulls her pussy lips apart and show off her clit for the camera. Rebecca then makes herself comfortable in the Orgasm Chair, spreading her legs wide apart to play with her pussy. She puts a bit of lube on her hairless beaver and rubs the lube all over her pussy. Rebecca reaches for her white vibe toy and places it on her clit. She applies some more lube, slinking further down into the chair. This is clearly Rebecca's favorite toy because almost instantly she is rocking her hips with her eyes closed. Rebecca begins to pant softly, her mouth opening and closing as she enjoys all the sensations. She presses the toy firmly into her clitoris. Rebecca is spreading her lips and pulling back on her clit hood as she keeps that vibe working her clit. Suddenly, the toy turns off and Rebecca just smiles. Rebecca quickly gets back to business. With the toy firmly burying into her clit, Rebecca keeps her pussy lips spread. Her legs are beginning to quiver - then suddenly Rebecca lets out a soft gasp as we see a series of nice, big, anal and perinea contractions. Rebecca keeps the toy in place and rides the orgasm out for as long as she is able. She moistens the vibe in her mouth and puts it back on her clit. She continues with the stimulation, moving the toy now across her clit as her hips rock. A bead of glistening moisture is developing in her slit. Rebecca reaches her hand back over her head, panting. The angle fades slightly as Rebecca continues to play with the buzzy toy on her clit ... Rebecca goes on and on in this scene and as the cameraman leaves the room for a moment to get another recording tape, Rebecca has another orgasm, but we missed the second one! He catches her just as she is coming down from the second orgasm - tired, knackered, flushed and sweaty! The next scene is a hands-on scene as Rebecca is seated in the chair again and the camera is moved in for a close-up view of her pussy. Her denim skirt is hiked up and she is wearing a blue bra. He applies some lube to her clit as she starts off with a vibe, but she is not satisfied with the first one. He reaches for the magic wand - on low power - next telling Rebecca that this toy is an experience. He gently works the wand on her pussy, but she prefers to use "old faithful". So, Rebecca turns on the white buzzy vibe and immediately begins working that toy on her clit as he strokes her thigh and leg. Rebecca is using one hand to spread her lips and pull back on her clit hood and the other to work the toy. It takes Rebecca quite a bit of wank time to "find" this orgasm - but she does. She lets out a moan - just one - and that's when I see her pussy contractions. Rebecca is the type where her contractions actually come first - even though she usually rides them out. She is very sensitive after, too. Back in the bedroom, Rebecca is removing an orange colored knit sweater - she has difficulty getting the little sweater over her enormous breasts and she has a good giggle about that. She is wearing a white skirt and an orgasm bra - the skirt is removed after the sweater, then the bra is pulled down for her to caress her nipples. Then, the bra is removed. Rebecca bends over onto all fours showing off a tiny yellow thong panty. She removes the panties, kneeling to show her back side and pussy slit to the camera. She licks her fingers and he hands her some lube for her pussy. She takes her favorite toy back in hand, turning it on to play with herself doggy-style for a bit. Try as she may, Rebecca just cannot quite "get there" doggy-style, so she eventually rolls over onto her back on the bed. With one clutching her enormous breast, she keeps the toy buzzing away on her clit. Her hips are bucking as she "swishes" the toy across her clitoris. Suddenly Rebecca's chest and neck develop a red sex flush as she arches her back and her head goes back into the pillow. Her tummy is taut and "crunching" as she moans and cums. She turns off the toy then fingers her pussy for a moment

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