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Screen Test Vol 32

Screen Test Vol 32

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Jun 9, 2017

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57:15 minute(s)


Tomas Fuk is in for his screentest, with Martin Gajda. They sit on the bed as Martin does a brief interview with Tomas. Then Martin gets things started by leaning over to kiss Tomas, who responds eagerly. Tomas gropes Martin's groin as they kiss. Then he takes his tee shirt off and Martin leans forward to kiss his chest. Tomas lays back and Martin's hand runs over his chest and groin, opening the jeans to release the stiffening cock. He takes Tomas' cock in his mouth and sucks on it. Tomas takes his jeans off and Martin resumes sucking on the cock. Tomas rubs his chest as his balls are licked and his cock is sucked. Then they swap places and Martin's shorts come off. His cock is already rock hard and Tomas goes down on it. He licks up and down the shaft, taking the cock in his mouth. He sucks Martin's balls too and licks the head. His mouth envelopes the stiff cock his head bobbing up and down on it. Then Tomas lays down again, his legs in the air for Martin to rim his hot hole. Then Martin slides his cock into the waiting hole. As Martin fucks that tight ass Tomas takes his own cock in his hand and wanks on it. Martin fucks hard and fast, going in as deep as he can. He pounds the ass so deep as Tomas wanks himself, shooting his hot cum all over his belly. Martin keeps fucking until he is ready to cum too and then pulls out to shoot his load over Tomas' cock and balls. Martin Rezac agreed to a screentest, so we paired him with Pavel Smidl. They relax on the bed chatting and Martin explains that he wants to try everything with a guy. Pavel is happy to oblige and they soon start kissing and feeling each other. As they kiss they both remove their tee shirts and run hands all over each other. Pavel then opens Martin's jeans and pulls out his hardening cock. He licks the cock and then takes it into his mouth to suck. Martin removes his jeans to give better access and Pavel's hot mouth works on the rock hard cock. Martin breathes heavily as the hot mouth slides up and down on his dick. After a while Pavel asks if Martin wants to suck. A positive response has Pavel releasing his stiff dick and Martin going down on it. His head bobs on the cock, sucking it and then kissing and licking it. Martin shows that he is really up for the sucking, working that cock so well. Pavel then tells Martin that he wants to fuck him. Martin agrees, though tells him to be careful. He lays on the bed, legs up as Pavel tongues his hot ass and then slips a finger inside. He fucks the ass with his finger, going in nice and deep as Martin moans. Then Pavel positions his big, stiff, cock and slides it deep into Martin's waiting hole. Martin takes that cock so well as it fucks deep into his ass. Pavel's fucking speeds up really working the hole well. Martin grabs his own cock and wanks it as he gets fucked hard. Then Martin turns over, onto his knees so that Pavel can fuck him doggy style. The rigid cock pounds Martin's tight, hairy, hole as Pavel gives the ass a good slap. Then they move again, spooning as Pavel really fucks Martin deep. Martin wanks himself so fast as he feels the throbbing cock in his ass. He milks cum from his cock as he takes the big dick in his hole. Then Pavel pulls out and shoots his big load all over Martin's face. Martin loves it, looking at the cum-coated cock and takes it in his mouth to suck it clean. His face and neck are covered with creamy cum as he sucks on the spent cock at the end of a great screentest. In Milan Major's Screentest we find him on the sofa, barechested, with Petr Zuska. Petr is kissing Milan and rubbing his chest. He also opens Milan's jeans. Milan takes off Petr's tee shirt and kisses his chest then helps him take down his jeans. Petr's cock is already hard as the jeans come off and Milan takes hold of it and wanks it. Then he leans over and takes the stiff cock in his mouth and begins sucking. He licks up and down the rigid cock shaft and takes the head in his mouth. He sucks and wanks the cock, taking time to kiss Petr as well. Then he licks the tight balls as well. Milan's jeans come off as well and Petr takes a turn on his stiff cock. His head bobs up and down as the lips are closed tight around the cock. Milan runs a hand over Petr as the sucking continues. Then Milan lifts his lefts, exposing his tight hole before moving onto his knees to really give access to his sexy ass. Petr pulls the cheeks apart and starts to rim the hot hole, grabbing Milan's cock and pulling on it some as well. He spits on hot hole and slides a finger in, gently fucking with it as he wanks the stiff dick. Then Petr leans back, his cock standing proud as Milan climbs over and slides his tight hole down on the stiff dick. His ass rides up and down on Petr's cock, his hole stretched wide. He takes the cock so well and keeps riding it. Petr thrusts his cock up into the hot hole, fucking it nice and deep. His rock hard cock really works the hole. Then Milan lays on his back, with Petr between his legs fucking that sexy ass. Milan grabs his own cock and wanks it as Petr fucks him hard. His ass is pounded hard and fast by Petr's throbbing cock. The fucking speeds up as Milan's wanking gets faster too. Soon Milan dumps his creamy cum all over his left thigh as Petr keeps up his hard fucking. Then Milan turns over onto his knees and Petr fucks him from behind his dick really pounding the sexy ass, spanking it some as well. Soon Petr is ready to cum and pulls out to shoot his hot load all over the sexy ass. He pulls Milan up and kisses him to end a great screentest.

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