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The Best Of James Deen's Sex Tapes 2

The Best Of James Deen's Sex Tapes 2


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Oct 22, 2019



Cameron Canela, a pro in some famous website's amateur section, and James Deen, the man of hard fucking, meets in one of the usual way of meeting some new friends— online. Except this meeting of theirs was initiated with something along the line of "apply online to fuck me". It's really exciting to know that there are things like this going on somewhere. Anyway, they met up and make this thing a reality. With a camera on hand, James invites Cameron to have a go in some room. They started chatting like it's not their first time meeting ever. After a round of conversation and giggling, they proceed to go the real thing. On the bed, they went for a deep kiss while slowly taking off each other's clothes. When it's off, Cameron gets to lie down and spread her legs apart to let James take her and turn her switches on. James now buries his face on her crotch and licks her pussy to make it ready for later. He's prepping his dick's food. When that's done, James stands close to the camera and dragging Cameron with him. James made her kneel down and have a close up of her slurping his fat dick and occasionally making her do some gagging noises, naturally. After that, James lies down on the bed and let Cameron have at it on the first turn. She proceeds to ride his dick for a while before changing positions. James now bends her over on the bed and chair to have himself some full pussy fucking. In his control, he did whatever he wanted. James sat down on the chair again to have her go on top. This angle shows Cameron's full beauty in display while being impaled by a fat dick from below. This cycle repeats one time. James finished this conquest by cumming into her mouth. Tattooed babe Harlow Harrison just finishes cleaning up all the semen from her previous scene. This slutty whore never gets enough cock. While James Deen is talking to her, Harlow keeps teasing him with her pretty face and luscious body. Her teasing is very effective. James starts getting hard again. He lets her suck his dick. He holds her by the head and starts pounding his cock into her tiny mouth. Harlow deep throats his huge dong until she gags loudly. After the sloppy blowjob, James bends her down then shoves his dick into her wet cunt. Harlow can feel his dick sliding in and out of her pussy. They fuck in the doggy style position. James fucks her in the pussy and ass alternately. She can feel his dick stir up the insides of her vagina and anus. The two keeps fucking each other on the couch. James lets her sit on his lap. She guides his cock into her asshole. His dick continues to ravage both her holes. He fingers her pussy aggressively as he pounds his cock into her asshole. James turns her around without removing his dick from her asshole. He pulls out his dick from her asshole and inserts it to her pussy. His dick is busy fucking her pussy while his hand is exploring her tight asshole. Harlow can't help but cum multiple time. Both her holes are being stretched out by James. She begins to move her thick ass. They shift to the missionary position. James continues to fuck her pussy and asshole. He makes sure that all her holes are opened wide. Her asshole gapes widely every time he pulls out his dick. He pounds her harder until he is about to cum. He shoots his load into her mouth, pussy, and asshole. He ensures that all her holes are filled with his warm cum. Petite brunette Joseline Kelly just finished shooting a porno scene. She is sitting on the couch while being completely naked. James Deen fixes the camera and starts to have a conversation with Joseline. The two teases each other with their smiles. It seems Joseline is still horny even after being fucked. James leads her to the bedroom. He pulls her towards her then starts hugging her tightly and slapping her ass. James pushes her down and lets her suck his cock. Joseline plays with his hard cock using her playful tongue and sweet lips. He grabs her by the hair and pushes his cock deeper into her throat. Joseline can't do anything but gag as his huge dick reaches her throat. Their wet and sloppy blowjob continues for a while before James throws her to the couch. Joseline spreads her legs wide. James buries his whole face to her tight wet pussy. His lips and tongue are tickling her cunt in every possible way. He keeps on eating her pussy while choking her. Her body begins to move on its own as she cums hard from being slapped in the pussy. James stuffs his hard dick deep into her tight asshole. Her pink pussy is directly in front of the camera. James pumps her harder and faster. Joseline can't help but moan and scream. His hard dick churns the insides of her anus while his hands are busy slapping and rubbing her pussy. Joseline lets out a loud scream as she once again reaches orgasm. They fucked in missionary position for quite some time before shifting to reverse cowgirl. Her pink pussy is starting to turn red from all the slapping. They change their position again. They are now fucking hard in the doggy style position. James keeps on pounding her from behind. When James feels like he is about to cum, he pulls out his penis from her gaping asshole. He strokes his dick right in front of her. He showers her pretty pussy with his warm cum. Katrina Jade is a tattooed slut. Seriously, she has "slut" tattooed on her ass. She also has "daddy's girl" tattooed on her pussy. This girl loves to fuck. She craves cocks pounding into her pussy and filling her up with cum all the time. Katrina can seduce almost any man with her perfect natural boobs, tiny waist and shapely ass. Her orgasms are powerful and when fucked right she will cum so hard she will pass out. Katrina loves harsh sex. Molly Manson is an 18-year-old with a Ph.D. but instead of studying she decides to apply online to fuck the one and only, James Deen. She looks sexy in a black dress that hugs her toned body and perky young tits. Molly can't believe her plan worked and now she gets to be Jame's teen fuck toy. Mystica Jade sits in a light red single sofa just beside the bed and a window pane. She wears a pair of black pants and a white cardigan over another white top. James Deen, on the other hand dons a simple black long-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans. The two hit it off right away as they begin flirting the moment James sits beside her. As James stands up, Mystica reaches out for his pants and begins stroking his fully-clothed dick. She is impatient so she helps herself. She unbuckles his belt, unzips his pants and frees his big cock. She takes his full-length member into her mouth as he grabs her hair and guides her into giving him a blowjob. James positions Mystica on her fours on the couch and rams his dick into her wet and tight pussy. He humps her hard from behind as she uses her arms and knees to support her. With James already naked and Mystica still wearing her top, he shifts her position until her back is on the sofa without pulling out. He fucks her hard with one of her legs on his shoulders. Mystica lays on the couch as James pulls his big cock out of her pussy. He then inserts his dick inside her mouth, making her take his big hard dick fully that she almost chokes. He fucks her mouth until he is about to orgasm. Feeling that he is reaching his peak any time soon, James sits down on the couch as Mystica hops on top of him in reverse cowgirl. She slowly guides his dick inside her wet pussy and rides it until it throbbed. Mystica Jade once again deep throats his big hard cock until he orgasms. James Deen aims his warm cum into her lovely face giving her a facial. From the previous videos of James Deen, the women should know what happens when you invite him for a coffee. Presley Hart knows what happens and decided to meet up and get some coffee. They did do this and had a normal conversation for a while until they decided to back to their place and get something else. Something along the lines of getting fucked. Once at the room, Presley starts undressing herself. This reveals her big ass and nice tits. James comes and bents her over the bed. He gives her shaved pussy a little kiss. James also pulls out his fat dick for Presley to suck. She kneels down and gives him what he wants. At some point, James started showing signs of roughness but it's nothing out of ordinary. When they're fully undressed, Presley sits down on the bed again and James continues eating her out. He then stands up, grabs one of her legs to the air and starts fucking her hard. After a while, he grabs the other leg and put the two above his shoulders. Presley made a little intermission by sucking his dick again before going on all fours again. Presley's shaved pussy now gets fucked from behind. She can only look back at James to show that she's enjoying herself. James didn't cease being hard. As he fucks her, he grabs her arm and used it as a handle. From time to time, he had the decency to lick her pussy. At the bed, James lies on the bed and let Presley go on top to let her do it on her own pace. Of course, that didn't completely stopped James on being hard. When James felt he's near his limit, he places Presley at the edge of the bed and starts fucking her until he can't resist to cum anymore. He blew his load all over her face and made a little thumbs up and a smile together at the end like a hard fucking never happened. Samantha Rone hops in to James Deen's not-so-fancy hotel room to catch up and do some stuff. From their conversation, we learn many things like who's her first anal scene (it's James) and first boy-girl, not POV scene (also James). She also talks about the things she does at the time like BDSM or just plain anal. She eventually talks about her cock-sucking prowess. She discusses her blowjob skills and experiences. She talks about it for quite a while but James takes a while to be convinced on what Samantha is talking about. Their conversation went around few topics about teens and what they are about. Until they get around talking about James' Jewish penis. Samantha slowly closes in and just takes James' dick in her mouth. She demonstrates all the belief and skills she discussed earlier. She goes balls deep and some on that one. Needless to say, Samantha chokes on that dick and gags on it every time she take it a little too far. That Jewish dick and her teen-like personality looks great on camera, especially when they moved on to the actual fucking. Samantha dresses down, lies on her back and gets a little fucking from the Jewish dick she kind of made fun earlier. James brings the camera down and do an amateur hard fucking for Samantha. From her back, they moved on to Samantha being pounded while she's on all fours. James' renowned roughness gets obvious from this point. He just moves Samantha around to fuck her from all the position he thought of at the moment. She rode that dick on the bed and on the couch. Her cute tits just bounce around every pound James makes. It took a while but James never failed to deliver. He cums into her mouth and she swallow all of it. So, we heard you want some good Canadian pussy, eh? With a hard fucking as a method, eh? Is it okay if we present to you Shana Lane and James Deen for this, eh? Well, let us tell you all aboot it. lol Shana got a room with James Deen in Montreal for some reality hookup. With a bit of introduction and some smiles, the immediately proceed on eating each other out. Shana is on the bed waiting for it. James follows and gives her a deep kiss for a bit while slowly taking off their clothes. They go down at each other afterwards. From top to bottom, James licks Shana clean like a kitty cat. When he's done, Shana does the same. Except this time, since James is hung like a moose, it's inevitable for Shana to gag on it. To really emphasize this, they even went closer to the camera to give you a close up. If that's not good enough for ya, James is now gonna proceed to fuck Shana in the ass. Being bent over on the bed, James did what he had to do. He went at it for a while until he made Shana go on top. He lie down on the bed and let her do her own thing. As she gets fucked from below right in her pussy, Shana had the free time to rub her pussy. With the wildness of the hard fucking, they eventually end up on the floor. For the last time, James bent her over while standing up to put a nice ending to this friendly fuck fest. When he's totally done, he made her kneel before his glorious hockey stick and poured his cum all over her face like a maple syrup on pancakes in a nice Sunday morning in Timmies. Shona River is not shy about how much she loves big cock. This slutty European blonde is one tall drink of water. Her natural body and perfect tits help make her an amazing performer. Today she's taking on James Deen's massive cock in a dirty homemade amateur sextape. After acquainting herself with his massive white cock with her hands and mouth, she stripped off her cute purple lingerie to show us all her tight shaved pussy, which James immediately began pounding with his hard dick. First she sat on it, riding it back and forth. Once she'd had enough of that James flips her around and pounds her little cunt from behind, spreading her legs so the camera can see what her wet pussy looks like when it's being stretched by his huge cock. She got on her back and took it again even deeper. You could tell how much she loved it by her loud moaning and dirty talk. This slutty little whore loves to cum and cum again. When she couldn't take any more James got her on top one more time and she road him cowgirl style, her tits bouncing the entire time. Shona definitely needed inside her, so he obliged shooting his hot load of cum deep inside her tight little cunt. She even shows us her pussy one last time, spreading her ass cheeks wide so we can get a good look at her tight pussy and asshole. Who knew that nerds can be so great in bed that they were able to make the great James Deen cum hard? If you're having trouble believing this, we got Sophia Grace to show people how did this happened. So, a bit of a background. Sophia's mom has been nagging her for a long time now so he moved out and start living her life as she want. Incidentally, Sophia has a tight body. She got this from occasional yoga, making her body tempered into fuck perfection. James gets invited to her apartment. They start off with a bit of conversation but they eventually get to the thing the craved the most. Sophia makes James sit down. She pulls out his fat cock from his pants and starts slurping the thing like her life depended on it. They went at it for a while until James got really into it. He puts down the camera and made Sophia wait. James bent her over and starts fucking her hard from behind. He reaches for her mouth from time to time to be playful. James then made her spread herself on the bed. James starts admiring her cunt by finger fucking that cunt as he liked. Eventually, he buried his face into it to lickety-lick the living shit out of it. He then stops, raises one of her legs and continues pounding her pussy hard. He just shifted her legs from side to side to give him some new angles. After a while Sophia gets on all fours again to receive the deep dicking from behind. They went around on the said positions until they both became satisfied and decided to end this madness by making some common dessert called 'creampie'. Sophia touches herself for a bit to admire the thing just happened. It's not a surprise to see some chick already sucking some fat dick when you walk into a room. Stella Cox is a certified slut and doesn't mind multiple fat cocks entering her the same time. That image should be enough to make a little surprise out of someone. After being surprised, Stella aims to arouse people who watch her being desecrated by two fat dicks. Stella is already sucking a dick. This is already given. She smiles and roll around the bed like she doesn't know what's going to happen next. When the other man enters the scene, this is where shit gets real. While one holds the camera and his dick being taken care of by Stella's mouth, the other slowly reveals her nice tits and other related parts for the next part. The camera gets to be stationed in the corner to keep their focus in fucking this slut at 100%. While one guy gets ready, the other takes a little dip in her fuck hole for some taste test. When all necessary preparations are done, Stella gets flipped over to accommodate the other guy. Stella gets fucked from behind while she gives the guy sitting in front of her some good blowjob. Eventually, the guy getting the blowjob gets the pussy. Stella moves over and gives that cock some pleasuring. The other guy left behind catches up and pushes his prick straight into her ass. Stella now gets the double penetration. This backstage fuck fest revolves around this system. It only changes when the two guys decide to give the other hole a try by just flipping themselves over. Alternately of simultaneously, they got very generous on destroying this slut of beauty. This goes on until the two guys rewarded this Stella with a nice facial using some cum as a fruit of their hard work.

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