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The Training Of Amber - Week 1 (Disc 1)

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Mar 15, 2009


1:31 hour(s)



Amber, Daddy

I met Daddy a couple of years ago while I was still pretty unsure of what my purpose was in this lifestyle. I've always thought I was a switch with Dominant leanings and I stick to that as pretty factual. Daddy has always wanted to give me a try and teach me the ropes. So for our first session he gave me a dose of his fave which is electrical play, intense is one word for it, he had me beginning and pleading to lighten up especially since he had attached some conductor rings to my nipples as well as put a bullet up my ass. Daddy then locked me in the stockade for our next endeavor and showed me what it was like to be compelled to have orgasms. It was a lot of fun I especially enjoyed having his big blue vibrator up my ass made me cum like no other. He says I bring new meaning to the term "anal slut". On our third day Daddy decided to test my skills as a Dominant. He said I did quite well under pressure which put his initial instincts about me right on the money. On the fourth day Daddy put me in the stockade face up and decided to test my pain threshold and push it further. He had made a new flogger and decided to give it a try on me but I guess I was enjoying it too much for him because he started pushing me again using the bamboo skewers on my tender breasts and then slapping them around with a riding crop, putting me once again into a more submissive space for the compelled orgasms that came soon thereafter. Daddy and I rounded off or first week of training with some more intense pain training, he used the dragon tail on me again which delivered a hell of a sting and had me covered in welts in no time. He then used the horsetail flogger on me which caused a great deal of pain and had me begging through the ball gag for him to stop. Our last day this week Daddy had me covered in clothes pins and dripped hot wax all over my tender spots. I have to say for my first week in training I have experienced more on the submissive side than I ever had but I can't wait to Top!

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