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Scene 1: Halloween Party 2 Spoiler alert: Three beautiful girls have been invited to "Halloween Party, Chapter 2" and they're all going to come! The second half of this Alis Locanta confection picks up where the first half ended. Alexis Brill and Dido A have just wrapped up a session of orgasmic lesbian love-play when Iwia A. arrives. There are no awkward moments, no hesitation, no excuses made, or explanations offered — "Halloween Party, Chapter 2" gets right down to business. Iwia A. joins her already-nude hosts on the bed and they proceed to strip off her outfit. After sucking Iwia's nipples (Alexis takes the right, Dido the left) they slide down her body and take turns eating her pussy. Dido A exerts the winning effort here and Iwia is the first in the cast to achieve climax. Then Iwia gropes and fingers Dido while the beautiful blonde makes orgasm-inducing oral love to Brill's beautiful box. And, finally, Iwia A. and Alexis Brill slide between Dido's spread legs and lick and finger her pretty pink pussy to ecstasy. Eye-pleasing tricks, three sweet, succulent treats, and plenty of lesbian heat make the second half of "Halloween Party" a sizzling sample of Sapphic cinema. Scene 2: Ladies It's a beautiful afternoon for a stroll on the beach and the three beautiful women who give "Ladies" its title are doing exactly that as Andrej Lupin's film begins. When they notice a vendor selling handmade clothing a bit of spontaneous shopping ensues, and after some friendly haggling they agree on a price and head home with their new acquisitions. In the comfortable confines of a brightly sunlit dressing room the friends try on their new garments. Long-haired brunette Taissia A. goes first, the stiff nipples of her pert breasts poking through the loosely crocheted fabric. Kiara Lord is next to model her new frock, followed by blonde Sicilia. At this point the cheery and lighthearted mood shifts. Kisses and caresses are exchanged and a threesome begins. Sicilia is stroking Taissia's pussy through her panties when Kiara drops to her knees, pulls down Sicilia's panties and eats her pussy from behind. Then Lord moves between Taissia's legs, pulls her panties to one side, and begins to feast on her luscious labia. It's when Sicilia is vigorously fingering Taissia that the first orgasm of the interlude occurs, and then Kiara takes center stage. Sicilia kisses and sucks Lord's smooth box while Taissia feverishly frigs Sicilia with the fingers of both hands until Kiara reaches a prolonged and vocal climax. Then Kiara and Taissia stroke and probe Sicilia to the third and final orgasmic release of the encounter. A beautiful day, beautiful women, beautiful new clothes, and hot, spontaneous, and satisfying sex make "Ladies" an engaging and entertaining erotic interlude. Scene 3: One Day With a bouncy pop tune as the soundtrack, Andrej Lupin's camera surveys the exterior of a sleek, glass-walled home while, inside, Whitney Conroy and Margot A slice up and begin to snack on fresh watermelon. They're soon joined by Aiko Bell, and, as they eat and chat, "One Day" appears to present nothing more than a day in the lives of three beautiful friends. But later on, when Margot begins to make advances on Aiko, the nature of their relationship is at least partially revealed. And when Whitney walks in while Margot is petting Aiko's pussy we realize this is less a three-sided friendship and more of a romantic triangle. Margot proceeds to eat and finger Aiko to a vigorous, full body orgasm as Conroy looks on. Then Whitney strips, straddles Aiko's face, and Bell begins to ravenously feast on Conroy's stunning and succulent sex until the beautiful blonde quivers and yelps through her own powerful climax. After stripping off her white leggings, Margot parts her thighs and Whitney goes to work, licking and fingering her insistently until the freckled fox achieves her fair share of orgasmic pleasure. As evening descends the three lesbian lovers drink, dance, and play with spontaneous and genuine delight in each other's company. Lovers of sapphic erotica will find both stunning beauty and incendiary erotic action in the three-way captured in "One Day." Scene 4: Ordinary Night It's just a typical evening at home for Antonia Sainz, Linda Sweet and Anabelle. But an "Ordinary Night" for these girls is a fantasy fulfillment of epic proportions for mere mortals. The girls are gorgeous, and the luxurious setting – a stunning Mallorcan villa seen in an impressive long shot – makes the perfect showcase for them. Busty Antonia, fresh from the shower and sitting on the couch between her friends, is soon free of her towel. Anabelle kisses her passionately, as Linda spreads Antonia's legs and eats her pussy ravenously. Linda's tender kisses have Antonia wet with desire, her moans increasing when her redheaded girlfriend glides two fingers up her slick hole. Sweet Anabelle holds Antonia in a loving embrace as she climaxes with incredible intensity. It's time to switch; Anabelle is stripped and eased back onto the couch as Linda kisses her, sharing the taste of Antonia's pussy from her lips. Antonia fingers her friend, watching her face as she wiggles with pleasure, eating her wet snatch until it drives her wild. When Linda adds her fingers to the fun, rubbing Anabelle's engorged clit, it's too much for the prone beauty to bear and she takes over, pressing her own fingers against her clit to drive herself orgasm. Linda gets naked and kneels over Anabelle's face, kissing Antonia passionately as she grinds her pierced clit into her lover's mouth. Her girlfriends move her onto her back, all the better to lick her drenched pussy. Anabelle eats her out while Antonia masturbates, watching her friend climax and groping Anabelle's fine ass. With fingers and tongues exploring every inch of each other's bodies, it's an "Ordinary Night" that viewers will find uniquely memorable. Scene 5: Secrets of Prague Episode 3 The competition heats up and takes an unexpected turn in the third episode of Andrej Lupin's "Secrets of Prague." The teams have been given clues to locate a particularly conspicuous modern architectural landmark in the city. Once you've seen it you'd never forget it, but finding it based on cryptic clues proves difficult. And when Vanessa Decker refuses to follow teammate Leila Smith's hunch they finish last and get bounced from the competition. Angry and hurt, Smith wanders off to lick her wounds and happens to bump into a rival team — Cristal Caitlyn and Elisa. When they see how sad and disappointed Leila is they decide to try and lift her spirits, so they take her to the hotel bar and share a bottle of wine. And then they share each other. Before long Elisa is between Leila's legs greedily eating her pussy and then she fingers and frigs her to orgasm. After a brief pause to remove what's left of her clothing, Elisa starts in on Cristal with lips, tongue, and fingers, as Leila caresses her from the rear, resulting in a strong climax for Ms. Caitlyn. Then positions shift again, now Cristal goes down on Eliza and deftly brings her teammate to a quivering, quaking, breathy orgasm. But the three-way afterglow is short-lived — Leila is suddenly overwhelmed by guilt and makes a hasty exit. Unexpectedly abandoned, Caitlyn and Elisa are surprised by this turn of events, but it's quickly forgotten when they spontaneously indulge in an intense session of tribbing. A thrilling threesome, a "Dancing House," and a romantic reconciliation are the three key ingredients of "Secrets of Prague Episode 3."

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