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Tracy Venus

Tracy Venus



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Jun 24, 2010

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1:02 hour(s)


Tracy Venus is a nicely maintained 38 year-old MILF. She has a short blond bobbed hair style and nice firm, perky (enhanced) breasts. She also has a couple of tattoos - one on her tummy, one across her pubic area and one on her ankle. Her clit is pierced, too. Tracy is removing a polka dot matching set and getting comfortable on the bed. It doesn't take her long to strip out of her clothes and go for the baton vibe. She clutches her large breasts and hisses as she enjoys the baton vibe. Her cooch is completely shaved - and her clit is pierced - but I already mentioned the pierced bit. Tracy seems to really enjoy inserting the baton just into the base of her vagina and then rubbing the juices all over her clit. She kind of gyrates her hips a bit, too, even commenting, "Oooo", That's good" at one point. She licks her fingers and touches her clit with her pink polished hands, getting lots of contact with the toy. Tracy manages to insert the baton vibe into her pussy - slowly - and then reaches for a pink lipstick vibe for her clit. The two toy combo has her hissing and rocking in no time. Eventually, Tracy does abandon the lipstick vibe and ends up using the baton vibe for the more "traditional" clitoral stimulation. Her cooch is getting gooey and creamy by this point, too. And, sort of suddenly, Tracy lets out a deep moan and cums! And it's a very nice orgasm - even as she presses her bottom firmly into the bed, she lifts her legs so we can see all the contractions. She puts her hand down to her cooch and turns off the toy with her other hand. She asks the cameraman about whether or not she squirted (for the record, she didn't), and notes she "felt it cum". We saw it! Tracy is back in the bedroom, once more removing her panties and skirt (her polka-dotted bra stays on this time, but she does pop her breasts out for a good feel every now and then). She is the first model we've worked with to try the "Spingasm". Tracy is quite excited to give the new toy a twirl. She applies lots of lube to her pussy and to the toy. Tracy is initially impressed with the toy: "It's quite nice!" Crystal Pink is also in the room, so we can hear her ask Tracy a little about the toy - but that only lasts for less than a minute. Tracy enjoys the new gadget, adjusting the power and spin and all that. Tracy switches to a different "head" on the Spingasm toy - immediately noting how nice this one feels. It is spinning much faster. Tracy's hips start to rock and she begins to moan. But, the Spingasm just can't quite do the trick, so Tracy tries yet another "head" on the toy - this one is a long penis attachment. She inserts the dildo into her vagina and turns on the spinning end, but it's a bit flimsy and doesn't want to stay in place, so Tracy quickly abandons that one, also. She gives the oral caresser end of the Spingasm one more go - and the toy does seem to get her pretty excited and riled - she even tries it legs up and bottoms up - but it's just not quite "enough" for Tracy. Tracy switched to the bullet style vibe with the jelly covering. She works this toy on her clit, pressing it firmly in place. Tracy's pussy lips are not very large, so it's interesting the way she pulls them aside to get the toy right where she likes it. Once Tracy settles in with the egg vibe, it's not long before she has another niceorgasm. Her left breast is fully exposed and popping out of her bra as she lets out a few soft moans and then cums. There are as many contractions in this orgasm as the last one, but they were definitely visible. She's wiped after all that playing! She holds up the toy and says, "I like this one!" as a big smile spreads across her face. Tracy is seated on the sofa as her friend, Crystal Pink, gets ready to give her a little hands on attention with the magic wand. Tracy is already worried about the power of the wand. Crystal has it on low power, but Tracy says the magic wand is just way too powerful. Crystal switches toys to begin using the baton vibe, but has a difficult time finding Tracy's "sweet spot". Crystal toys Tracy's pussy, noting "She's dribbling! She's dribbling cream!" Tracy gets a bit of the giggles and Crystal ends up getting some lube for Tracy. Crystal is patient and stealing lot of glances at Tracy's pussy. She spreads Tracy's legs wide and adjusts the power of the toy. The baton seems to be too much for Tracy to handle, so they switch to a little lipstick vibe. Tracy instructs Crystal on the places to put the toy and the places where not to put the toy. Tracy is getting turned on though because Crystal points out all the "cream" between her legs. Despite Crystal's best efforts, unfortunately, Tracy is "sensitive" and isn't able to cum with Crystal's assistance this time. So, the scene switches and Crystal Pink is now behind the camera as the camera man gently massages Tracy's clit with just his fingers to start. Tracy seems to enjoy this a bit more and he takes his time getting her aroused. Eventually he switches to the baton vibe and begins with it on low power. He slowly and carefully increases the power on the toy, taking his time and working Tracy along. She's still claiming sensitivity, but he is able to slowly get her off to another orgasm. She puts her head back and squares herself in position on the sofa, and then her hips start to rock as she begins to moan. Her arm goes up over the side of the sofa. He works the toy frantically around her pussy and clit as she moans and whimpers. She pulls her leg up as she cums. She says she is really jumpy.

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